Psycopath Video Reflection


Click here to go to the video I talk about in the paragraph below about Antisocial Personality Disorder in Psychopaths!

This video is about psycopath named Cells who has killed so many people, he can’t even remember the amount of people he killed. I was really surprised when the Cells told the interviewer that he got a “rush” the first time he killed someone. I was also really shocked to hear that he didn’t know what love was and that he hated to use words like love and sorry. Cells also rapped many of his victums, who were young girls, before killing them. The Imigdalla, a part in the human brain, is deformed or damaged in most psycopaths. Its the reason why psycopaths have no feelings for remorse and of discust, its why they are able to commit such awful acts. I wonder if there are some people who have this brain condition, who are normal? Is being a psycopath a genetic mutation or is it inherited?


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