Belief Vs. Knowledge

1.) I think we should understand why and how a racist or sexist person has acquired these beliefs. However, I don’t think we should show respect towards people who have these beliefs because they are disrespectful towards something a person can’t even control, what they look  like. Its not the individuals fault that they aren’t […]

“Seeing with the Heart”

This I Believe Essay Analysis: ‘Seeing with the Heart’ by Stephanie Disney This essay is about family not being defined by birth, but by the heart. Stephanie, the author of the essay, supported that belief, by giving examples of multiple occasions where people had asked her if the girl that accompanied her, Rudy, a girl […]

Wrapping Up the Brain

1) Positive and negative implications of acquiring knowledge: I think there are a lot of positive and negatives of acquiring knowledge. Acquiring knowledge can sometimes effect us in a positive way. For example, learning about the effects of the sun. In learning about the sun’s effects you might realize that you need to apply sunscreen […]