Wrapping Up the Brain

1) Positive and negative implications of acquiring knowledge:

I think there are a lot of positive and negatives of acquiring knowledge. Acquiring knowledge can sometimes effect us in a positive way. For example, learning about the effects of the sun. In learning about the sun’s effects you might realize that you need to apply sunscreen more often. Even though the sun does give our bodies vital vitamins, such as vitamin C, we do need to apply sunscreen when being active in the sun for prolonged periods, otherwise the probability of you getting a sun burn, but more importantly, skin cancer could increase. A negative to acquiring knowledge was brought up in the film. In the film, they discussed being able to figure out if some one was a psychopath or not just by looking at their brain structure. This brought up a very controversial issue, if you knew your child, friend or family was a psychopath would you still treat them the same? I’m not even sure what I would do. Hopefully as people discover more and more information there will be a more positives of learning new information than negatives.

2) Knowledge and the film:

The knowledge from the film was gathered from observations, studies and experiments. For example, when they did an experiment on sex. They got eleven female and thirteen male volunteers. In the experiment, the volunteer was put onto an MRI machine while they were hooked up to an  IV, which gave them the false feeling of an orgasm. Through their observations of this experiment they found that when a woman has an orgasm, their minds shut down, while in a man’s mind becomes alert. Even though there experiment may have have proved these results, they aren’t very accurate. What they should’ve done to accurately prove their observations was to run this experiment in more than one trial. Real, more accurate experiments have more than one trial to prevent biased and/or unaccurate results.

We gather so much knowelage througout our life time. We aquire so much of our knowelage from observaiton, past experience, and from other people. Simple, small details are easily forgotten to make room for more “meaningful” knowelage or they are just dissmissed because they are thought as trivial. Most of the knowelage we store is that of emotional value becasue we view it as more important. Sometimes however we miss judge knowelage; sometimes we may percieve information that we gather as insignificant, but discover later that it was valuable. I really hate when that happens!

3) Questions, concerns, & personal thoughts:

I think the most intresting thing that I learned from this film, was how a psychopath was different from a regular human. It’s crazy how much one small part of your brain does. A psychopaths imgidula, a part of the brain, is deformed. Causing no feeling for remorse or discust. That’s why they are able to do such horrible inflictions on people because one small part of their brain is damaged. I felt a huge connection in this film when they were disscusing “feeling in the zone while playing a sport.” When I play tennis sometimes I’m in the “zone” and sometimes I’m not and it’s pretty easy thing to feel. I play best when I’m in the zone. Nothing from outside or inside the court can bother me. I’m playing at my best because i’m distracted by nothing, I’m totally focused only on tennis. I play the ball and not the opponent . However when I’m not in the zone I’m sometimes distracted and I often find myself not being to play as well as I do when I’m in the zone, in complete focus and control over myself.


-Have they done more experiment trials recently on the sex study? Has the conclusions from the first trial of that study been proven correct or incorrect?

-How can they prove that there is a “zone?”


2 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Brain

  1. Really good example about aquiring knowledge about the sun! If we didn’t know the negative impacts of the sun, we would all be fried/burnt chicken when we are 25! And humas would be dying of mysterious causes but since we know now about the sun, we can better protect ourselves!! Good job cori! 😉

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