Belief Vs. Knowledge

1.) I think we should understand why and how a racist or sexist person has acquired these beliefs. However, I don’t think we should show respect towards people who have these beliefs because they are disrespectful towards something a person can’t even control, what they look  like. Its not the individuals fault that they aren’t the “right race” or the “correct gender,” so I don’t think it makes much sense to criticize people like this because they were born that way. They had no say or choice in how they were to look or be seen as. It just doesn’t make sense.
2.) Misguided and dangerous beliefs:
-Having sex over a hot tub won’t get a woman pregnant-Men are more intelligent than women-The earth is flat

-Spontaneous generation

-Earth is the center of the universe


3.) I watched the video called “How Cults Rewire The Brain.” I thought this video was really interesting. As I was watching the first few seconds of the video I thought the speaker was an author of a book about cults. I thought she was just an innocent middle aged woman. I was fooled by her nice, buttoned up collard shirt! She was in a cult which really shocked me; she just didn’t seem like the type. What I really wanted to know was, how did she get in the cult? Was she offered to join or did she find out about the cult and then ask if she could join them. Where do cults like this exist? In the video she made it seem like there were so many of these “moonies”, but I’ve never even seen any cult or cult members in my life, so to think that there are so many people in this particular cult is very hard to imagine. In the video the speaker saws that she had become so enthralled with her cult because she had a viral memetic infection, which is “an idea that replicates in the human brain and moves from brain to brain, like a virus.” She explains that easy answers to complex questions are often very appealing to people who are emotionally distraught, like she was at the age of 17. So cult members really begin to believe that what they believe in really is true.


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