Liar Liar Cheat Cheat

1. The easiest cards to place were the cards with the worst lies. The most difficult cards to place were the cards with the little lies, which in a sense didn’t even seem like lies. I felt like all of the little lies just seemed to all blend together and it was very hard to […]

Belief & Doubt

I. I really enjoyed reading the article. The author used a great analogy to support and give a visual of his point saying, “We have this overwhelming belief that we are rapidly filling in the detail of the cosmic picture. Unfortunately, the picture keeps changing. One landscape with figures melts away and a new landscape […]

I Believe Summative Project

I Believe… Everyone has a reason to live   Reflection: The most challenging part of making this video was getting someone to film me. It was easy for me to film others because everyone wanted to be in the TOK videos, but many people I didn’t want to waste their time filming me. Luckily my […]