I Believe Summative Project

I Believe… Everyone has a reason to live



The most challenging part of making this video was getting someone to film me. It was easy for me to film others because everyone wanted to be in the TOK videos, but many people I didn’t want to waste their time filming me. Luckily my sister and Casey Doyle didn’t mind filming me, so I was able to get vital footage for my film. Another challenging thing I faced while doing this project was getting the music. I wanted to use Just another day by logic as my background music for my video. However I wanted the instrumental version of this song. Which was non-existant. So I went on youtube and looked up how to make instrumentals on Audacity, a sound program I had used in middle school that’s preloaded onto our computers. I put the song in on Audacity and made it an instrumental. It was very difficult and took me about 2 hours to make. The most fun thing I got to do with this video was making the stencil (in the film) and editing my video. I was inspired by Logic’s, the rapper whose instrumental song I used in my video, music videos that I had seen on youtube, so I tried to copy some of the effects he had in these videos. I think the idea that started the outburst of all my other ideas was the light switch. Originally, I was going to do a song where the lyrics said, “we should shine a light on, a light on”, so I had the idea to turn on the lights at night and then for the lights to come on as well as the night to turn to day. From there I came up with the “everyone has a reason to live” thing and the “my future” as my reason to live as well as being the reason that would end the video. I showed a few people my song choice and they were ‘freaked out’ by the woman’s voice in the song, so I decided to choose a more upbeat song that I personally liked much better. The belief, displayed in my film, I would like to go on my poster when we do photo-shoots is ” I believe that everyone has a reason to live.”


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