Belief & Doubt

I. I really enjoyed reading the article. The author used a great analogy to support and give a visual of his point saying, “We have this overwhelming belief that we are rapidly filling in the detail of the cosmic picture. Unfortunately, the picture keeps changing. One landscape with figures melts away and a new landscape with figures emerges requiring fresh paintwork. The
picture keeps growing bigger and we cannot help occasionally noticing how gaps on the canvas are spreading faster than dabs of paint.” This really helped me get a better idea of what point the author was trying to get across because in previous paragraphs the same point was acknowledged. However it was mentioned in a very complicated way that wasn’t as clear as the analogy; or maybe it wasn’t too clear because I, myself am a visual learner. Another key point brought up in this article was “the creative mind fashions the world in which we live.” I totally agree with this statement. Creative people make the world what it is. They do things that haven’t been done before or they do things that have been done before, but change them in a way to make them their own. Something that our society admires, originality. It’s something that gets our attention, something that is respected and looked up at. Without the creative mind our society wouldn’t be able to advance because we wouldn’t be unable to create anything ‘original.’


II. I found this video short, but very interesting and informing at the same time. I liked how they compared smoking with global warming and how the incorporated various clips of politicians and old fashioned, black and white movies and commercials. Although this video is biased, that does not mean it has bad information. It just means that the information is relayed in a way that states something negatively towards people who don’t believe in Global Warming. Overall, it was a very good, well put together video that I really liked watching.


III. An example of an advertiser that tries to appeal to the authority of “experts” and/or “science” to sell products is a toothpaste company called Enamel. Towards the end of the Enamel toothpaste commercial a dentist comes up. He talks about how great the toothpaste is and tells the viewers that he would recommend this product. This appeal to the authority of an ‘expert’ creates a false feeling of trust from the viewer and now potential buyer of this product. My favorite example of this method is showed in the Charmin Ultra toilet paper commercials (; when they spray a blue-ish liquid on two separate toilet paper rolls and then roll out the paper. Comparing how much toilet paper both of the brands went through before the blue liquid was no longer viable on the toilet paper.  Then the toilet paper is dragged and the brand’s, that isn’t Charmin Ultra, toilet paper always rips firs


IV. On twitter I said, “how can anyone suggest that Global Warming isn’t happening? How could you openly admit to other it’s a lie.” I said this because it was highly controversial and I agree with it. It confuses me how some people and, more famously, politicians can’t believe, and even firmly deny the existence of global warming. There are so much legitimate science backing the existence of this issue and it just appalls me that some people still are skeptical about the subject. It’s not too hard to understand, many just refuse to believe it. Maybe because it’s seems so extreme, in a bad connotation. I think people really need to keep their heads open and listen to other people’s opinion because people who only listen to their own. often are wrong.


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