Liar Liar Cheat Cheat

1. The easiest cards to place were the cards with the worst lies. The most difficult cards to place were the cards with the little lies, which in a sense didn’t even seem like lies. I felt like all of the little lies just seemed to all blend together and it was very hard to

2. I think our order was mostly similar to the other groups in the cards that were near the end, the cards with the worst lies, but very different in the cards that were near the beginning, the little lies. I was surprised that one group didn’t pick “lying under oath” as the worst lie because every other group chose it as the worst lie out of all the cards.

3. I feel like many cards in towards the beginning needed to have more information, so they could be more accurately placed. Such as, “an artist painting a highly flattering portrait of his sitter.” This implies he makes a pretty painting of his subject, but does that mean he makes her look more attractive instead of staying true to how she really looks? You just have to kind of infer that this is what the card is trying to say. Another card that should’ve had more information was “A teacher saying,’I’m glad you asked me that’ when a student asks a particularly difficult question.” Okay, so they say ‘glad you asked me that’ when a student asks them a question, so what? However I think if the card said ‘ A teacher saying, “I’m glad you asked me that” when they really don’t know the answer to the question, makes a lot more sense.

4. I probably have engaged in 1/3 of these forms of deceptions, but all of the forms of deception I have participated in were the little lies. I definitely participate in these little lies everyday multiple times a day, but I think everyone does. I mean some of these everyday lies are just done mostly out of respect. At least that’s what I use them for.

5. I think that deception is used by every human being at least everyday. It is used all over the world and not only by human beings, but also by other animals and organisms. Although they may not be considered a bad lie it still is technically considered being not completely truthful.

6. I think a lie is when you know that a fact, but you purposely say the opposite. I think the card that I would classify as ‘not a lie’ would be “running faster when people are around you.” It is not lying at all. You just feel pressure to go faster than you normally would, you feel like its a competition. And I think that’s sometimes a good thing.

7. I think it is acceptable to mislead or deceive other people in small ways. I think it is okay to lie to a kid about Santa Claus because it keeps them from ruing it from other kids and just the thought of Santa Claus makes little kids really happy. It’s not so much of a big deal when they find out it isn’t real either, well it wasn’t for me anyway. I think sometimes we should lie to people for their happiness, but  sometimes you need to say the truth even though it hurts because that person is going to be really upset when they find it out eventually and food out you lied to them. Also sometimes its better just to tell the person the truth instead of lying just to preserve their good mood cause I know I wouldn’t want to be lied to about something I really wanted to know just so I could remain happy. Sometimes, in this case, knowing the truth is more important then happiness.


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