Computational Knowledge: Wonders of Wolfram

1.) Passage used: I highlighted this section of the passage: “…everything that’s happened with computers over the past 50 years, we haven’t seen anything yet.” I think that this is totally true! It’s surprising how fast computers have evolved with such a short time they’ve been around. It’s crazy how much they change every […]


Source: Currency: The timeliness of the information. -When was the information published or posted? November 10, 2011 -Has the information been revised or updated? Yes, it has been updated. -Does your topic require current information, or will older sources work as well? My topic requires both current and older information. -Are the links functional? […]

Ch 3 Course Companion StudyGuide: Part I

1984 by George Orwell *Spoiler Alert 1. The author gave the reader plenty of possible topics or ideas regarding knowledge. For example, Winston, the main character in the book, was very involved with the knowledge that was given to the society in the book. Winston’s job was to change things that happened in history to […]