Color or Synesthesia Project Proposal

1. What is the overall theme – color or synesthesia? (If synesthesia, what senses are you addressing?)


2. What Ways of Knowing are you addressing besides Sense Perception? (Reasoning? Emotion? Language?)


3. To what Areas of Knowledge does your project relate? (Arts, Psychology/Human Sciences, Maths, Natural Sciences, Ethics, History?)

Psychology/Human Sciences

4. What is it exactly, you plan to do and/or investigate?

I plan to take pictures of 5 women and record all of their voices on soundcloud. I will then upload all of the pictures and audio onto thinglink. I’m going to have each of the 5 individual  have the 5 audio voices on their picture. 

5. What is your driving question? (should be open-ended, perhaps starting with “How do we know” or “To what extent”)

Are people able to match voices with their pictures of complete strangers?

6. How is your project inherently about knowledge/knowing?

It questions a human’s knowledge of sound and sight.

7. What materials will you need?


8. Who could assist you / mentor you on this project?

Ms. Burvall

9. How will you present the project to the class?

I will have up on the board and I will show the class the 5 pictures and let them listen to the 5 audio recordings and see if they are able to match the pictures up with the correct voices. 

10. Projects are due the Cycle of March 1 – how do you plan to manage the time for this task?

I plan to do a little at a time. I have many other projects due around the same time, so I have to do those as well. 


2 thoughts on “Color or Synesthesia Project Proposal

  1. Yes I did. I wanted to take pictures of people that the class didn’t know and record their voices and see if the class could match them up with the pictures, but I’m not sure what I should use to record voices and what programs i should use to present my project in. Any ideas?

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