Touch & Sound Blog Reflection

Touch Articles:

Kissing device lets you send a long-distance smooch- A new egg shaped device with lips called the Kissinger has been created to send “wireless kisses.” Where is all of the funding coming from to keep making this product? How many were actually purchased?

The Cutting Edge of Haptics- Scientist have created a new technology called Haptics that can be used to fool a human’s sense of touch. It is even able convince a person that a flat surface is sharp. Could Haptics cause physical pain or do they just serve as a mind trick?

10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch- Touching another individual can have a profound effect on their behavior and/or actions. Do the individuals that don’t respond to touch have similar traits to each other? How are the people who don’t respond related to one another?

Sleeping beauties seek fairy tale love at Ukraine art installation- At the National Art Museum in Ukraine, five women were hired to pretend to sleep on several beds while other men kissed them. However all the “sleeping beauties” and the men who come to kiss them have to sign a contract that says if the beauty opens her eyes, they must get married. How can you put something as serious as marriage all on the lines of a kiss?

Dating with Science: Touch A Girl’s Arm And She Will Basically Fall In Love With You- Women like men more if they physically touch them then if they don’t. Why do our brains associate touch with love?

The Body Language of Touch- Touch is used commonly to aid communication between individuals in many different cultures and can promote the release of oxytocin, a chemical largely related to establishing trust and bonds,  in our bodies. If an organism is never “touched” is it able to have any sort of relationships with other individuals?

Sound Articles:

 The World’s Largest Natural Sound Archive is Now Online- Cornell University has just created a website with audio from the largest to the oldest natural sounds. How will access to this online sound database help scientists/others with their research?

The Cocktail Party Effect- When humans are in a large group of people they are able to tune out of their conversation and listen in on other conversations around them. What are  the negative effects of the cocktail party effect?

Environmental Cues That Boost Creativity- Creativity is not just something that we are either born with or not, it is a factor that we can improve on. Are most creative people ascetically drawn by the color blue, since it is known to “give” more creativity to an individual?

Make the City Sound Better- A new automobile called The Sound Taxi is able to pick up noise from its surroundings, traffic and sirens, and turn it into modern music. The taxi plays this music for all those surrounding the vehicle on its huge speakers located on the outside of the car. Do the sound taxis cultivate revenue by transporting people  or do they only play music for people? What are its other uses?

Beethoven’s Deafness May Have Influenced His Music Throughout The Years: Study- Beethoven began creating music with much higher notes as his hearing became worse. What, in terms of his hearing, caused Beethoven to make higher pitched music?

The Sound of Taste- We tend to associate certain sounds can amplify a ‘good’ taste of food. What types of sounds do we like best to hear while tasting food?

Curate on a Video:

I watched The Man Who Couldn’t Smell Pt.III, which emphasized smell as one of the most emotional senses. This video talked about how we associate smells from people and identify these sents with feelings. Which sense is more dominant when choosing a mate smell or sight?


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